Between the Sheets 2019

Blog pages for student Public Project Assessments on the Level 5 unit ‘Between the Sheets. Sex and Sexuality from Antiquity to the Present Day’

Use this blog to upload your public blog post for this unit — remember to save a pdf of it (including your reflective piece) to upload to Turnitin.


How to Use WordPress

Once you’re in, you can simply type your blog as you would in a word document. I’ve inserted the heading above by looking at the ‘visual’ menu at the top. It’s automatically on ‘paragraph’ but I changed that to HEADING 1.

You can click on B for bold text exactly as you would in Word.

And you can centre text by clicking on the centre text button…

…or on the justify right button


  1. You can use numbers
  • or bullet points

or Italics 


or different types of subheadings


Clicking on ‘add’, you can insert your images from your computer, like this one:



And if you select a bit of text, then click on the link button (to the right of the numbers button), you can insert a hyperlink A box will appear, asking you for a URL – type the web page URL into there. Remember to click the ‘open in new window’ check box.

How about indenting some text if you want to highlight some secondary literature or a quote? There’s a button for that…

What about a different colour to highlight some words or points you make? 


To the top right of this page are two buttons:

PREVIEW – this will give you a preview of how your changes will look on the blog post

UPDATE  – this will save and update any changes you’re working on